The Search for the Spiritual through Art

Wednesday, February 19

Cincinnati Art Museum

953 Eden Park Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45202

6:00 PM Tour relevant collections

7 :00 PM  Pilgrimage: Art and the Journeys of the Spirit

What is a pilgrimage? El Camino, Mecca, Graceland each have “pilgrimage” attached to them. We use, maybe overuse the term to refer to any significant journey. But how do we distinguish those journeys which are of the spirit? Is it where we go or how we go? Is it the physical journey or is it the journey inward?  Can a journey to Graceland be a spiritual pilgrimage just as much as one on El Camino? What does the art associated with these journeys reveal about pilgrimage and about their spiritual dimension.

Dr. James Buchanan  completed his PhD at the University of Chicago in comparative philosophy and religions focusing on global ethics. He studied and taught abroad for more than 8 years in England, France, and China. His teaching and research has focused upon comparative religions, global ethics, interfaith dialogue and the application of intercultural values to a range of issues connected with globalization. He lectures and publishes worldwide and has been the director of the Brueggeman Center at Xavier since 1992.